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Before and After School Programming


Encouraging learning through creativity using developmentally appropriate practices.

More than child care.


As a year–round program providing care for hundreds of families each year, the EMI staff supports the entire Lakeshore School community serving as communication links between classroom teachers, students and families. We're trained in child development, family studies, health, and safety, and frequently assist with SSTs, IEPs and behavior assessments. We're ceaseless advocates for the "whole child", including students with special needs who make up an average of 25% of our program's attendees, per year.


Our before and after school programs engage children in a variety of activities to encourage physical/social development and practical skills. And for our Everyday Magic families who need a little extra financial assistance, we allocate 10% of our yearly budgets to scholarships for students in need.

Be part of a diverse and dedicated community.


Everyday Magic's contribution to Lakeshore School and its families only begins with our school year program—we also staff school events with parent volunteers and donate hours and equipment toward school maintenance. We host multiple teacher functions, luncheons, teacher art workshops, and the biennial student Art Show. Lakeshore teachers, parents, and students are all part of the larger Everyday Magic support system to build a place for children and families to learn and grow together.

Ready to enroll?


Registration forms must be printed, filled out and signed. Please turn them in by mail or in person at Lakeshore School. (Due to the school closure as a result of the SF shelter-in-place, registration packets may be emailed to


Payment can be made by check and mailed to us, or by credit card using the link below via PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact us any time.

registration packet (new)
registration packet (returning)

We believe that parent participation is a vital part of your child's and the program's success. To ensure Everyday Magic staff provides the best possible care to your family, we require attendance at parent meetings and participation in our annual Dance-A-Thon.  Equally important is each family's donation of 10 Community Commitment hours every year.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Parent Responsibilities

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